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7th World First Nations Traditional Knowledge







Date: 23rd, 24th, 25th August, 2024


Venue: Shananda


129 Sutherland Drive



Taromeo, Queensland, 4306





(Say it Loud, Say it Clear, We were Always Here!!)




The World First Nations Traditional Knowledge Gathering is about creating a culturally safe space for discourse on First Nations Peoples' Ways of Knowing, Seeing, Being and Ways of Doing.


It includes dialogue pertaining to the implementation of Traditional Knowledge through Research, Education, Culture and Traditional Practices. It also explores the multifaceted social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and political issues impacting on the lives of First Nations Peoples in today's evolving society.


This conference endeavours to bring together the lived experiences of health workers, Elders, leaders, educators, scholars, social workers, community workers & practitioners from all walks of life to come together in a spirit of unity, harmony, peace and love to share their knowledge in an environment where their voices are heard and respected. It aims to enrich the professional development and practice of practitioners from multidisciplinary backgrounds.


It will answer the many questions and assist mainstream practitioners in gaining a better understanding and clearer insight into working with and walking with First Nations Peoples on a local, national and global level.


Our core objective and vision are to bring the voices of our Elders to the forefront, and to provide a platform for our Elders to share their wisdom and their knowledge in a culturally safe environment.


We extend a warm welcome to people from all walks of life from the grassroots community and to practitioners from both government and non-government sectors. As First Nations Peoples, our stories and our histories were transmitted through oral traditions and through our art, music, song, dance, lore, law and customary practices. These stories were not written down but was passed from generation to generation and has withstood the test of time and survived.


We pay homage and respect to all those who came and shared their Knowledge and Wisdom in years gone by, some of whom are now deceased, we honour their memory.  We acknowledge all those who come to share their stories at our Gathering, we thank them for their valuable contribution and Knowledge.

The 7th World First Nations Traditional Knowledge Gathering is centred around these key themes as outlined;

1. LORE: Traditional Lore and Customary Practices; this session will include dialogue around the importance of maintaining our Lores and Customary Practices for the betterment of our First Nations Communities here and around the World.


2. KNOWLEDGE: First Nations Knowledge and Ways of Being; this session will involve the collective sharing of First Nations Knowledge and Ways of Being, our epistemologies, how do we know what we know? It will incorporate the wisdom handed down from our Ancestors.


3. CULTURE: Making meaning of our Cultural Stories, Songs, Languages and Dances; this session will explore our cultural stories, songs shared through language and dance.


4. MEDICINE & HEALING: Traditional Bush Medicines & Ways of Healing; this session will explore Traditional ways of Healing and through ancient Knowledge & Wisdom from our Elders and Ancestors.


5. SPIRIT: Wellness Pathways for our Spiritual, Social, Emotional & Psychological Health and Wellbeing; this session will encompass the core components for health and wellness utilising Traditional Knowledge Systems.


6. LAW: Cultural Ways of Knowing & Cultural Ways of Doing in Law & Justice; discussions and dialogue in this session will examine core components of Traditional Knowledge & Traditional Ways of Doing to address issues surrounding Law and Justice.


7. ENVIRONMENT: Dialogue in this session will encompass ways in which to care for Mother Earth, drawing on the wisdom of our Ancestors, and looking at our old ways of Knowing, Seeing, Being and Doing. Discussions will also involve the current local, national and global situation in light of climate change and its impact on our Lands, Water, Rivers, Waterways, Islands and Oceans. 


8. CARING FOR COUNTRY: Delegates will learn about our Permaculture Food Forest and Community Garden, and they will be given the opportunity to plant Native plants, bush medicines, bush foods, fruit trees, organic herbs and vegetables

**Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and other First Nations People are warned that this website contains images of Loved Ones that participated in our gatherings, workshops and conferences who are now deceased.  We honour them and pay homage and utmost respect to them and to all of their Loved Ones.** 


This year 2024 marks the 7th World First Nations Traditional Knowledge Gathering. Here are scenes from our previous events; showcasing all of the beautiful people who have presented and those who have been involved in putting this event together and making this a wonderful time of caring and sharing of our Traditional Knowledge as First Nations Peoples of the World. 

****Check out our promotional video from previous Gatherings, click on this link;



The World First Nations Traditional Knowledge Gathering will be held out on Country. We are encouraging people to come, bring their tents and camp there, and use the facilities that we will be providing on the land.


Bed & Breakfast, AIRBNB, Hotels & Motels are located at nearby towns which are just 10 to 20 minutes away from the Gathering site; these towns are Blackbutt, Moore, Linville, Yarraman and Nanango.  Accommodation for caravans and vans are also available at the Blackbutt showgrounds where there are hot showers and toilet facilities.


**Check on Google Maps for the exact locations.




Who should attend:

Scholars, Educators, Researchers, Elders, Community Members, Counsellors, Social Scientists, Botanists, Cross-Cultural Educators, Social Workers, Community Development Workers, Human Service Workers, Health Workers, Traditional Healers, Holistic Practitioners and Natural Therapists

Cost: $300... (Full Price for 3 days includes all meals)

Early Bird: $250...

(Early Bird Registration and payment must be received by 30th June, 2024)


Presenters Fee: $150  

Elders & Students Fee: $100

All Meals & Refreshments are included

(Gathering Dinner complimentary for all delegates)

Registration​ will be accepted and confirmed upon Debit Card Payment via Bank Transfer to:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia


BSB: 064-138

ACCOUNT NO: 1063 2400


Choose the options for registration as outlined below:

1. Full registration & payment $300

2. Early Bird registration & payment $250 by 30th June, 2024

3. For 2 Days attendance $200

4. For 1 day attendance $100

5. Elders & students fees $100

6. Presenters Fees $150

Malu Mai Wellness

Consultancy proudly presents our Special Guest Speakers 

** Our Presenters details will be uploaded soon, thank you for your patience

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