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ABN: 25 603 157 473

ACN: 603 157 473


By appointment email Noritta to;

**Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and other First Nations People are warned that this website contains images of Loved Ones that participated in our gatherings, workshops and conferences who are now deceased. We honour them and pay homage and utmost respect to them and to all of their Loved Ones.**

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MALU MAI CONSULTANCY is about Holistic Health and Wellness targeting social, emotional and cultural wellbeing. Malu Mai Wellness Programs; bringing about holistic healing through the use of creative therapies such as Music, Yarning Therapy, Storytelling, Dance, Art, Song & Aromatherapy


Malu Mai is the Torres Strait Islander Australian language for Sea or Ocean Pearl. It's core business is Wellness, Hope and Healing. Malu or Sea represents Cleansing and Healing. Mai or Pearl represents Transformation and Renewal.


1. Assisting in bringing Hope, Peace, Healing and Harmony to individuals, families and communities.

2. Fostering holistic Wellness and Well-being of Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit.

Our Services offer:

  • Group Therapy
  • Loss and Grief Training and Support
  • Cross-cutural Education and Training
  • Health Research
  • Life Skills Facilitation
  • Wellness Programs
  • Social and Emotional Health and Well-being Training and Support
  • Social Work Supervision and Support
  • Cross-cultural education and training in Social Work Practice


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